Red-winged Prinia Prinia erythroptera)
(aka Red-winged Warbler Heliolais erythropterus
Red-winged Warbler, Kumasi-Mole Road, Ghana, June 2011 - click for larger image

June 2011

The Red-winged Warbler is distributed in Africa south of the Sahara in a big arc from Senegal to western Uganda and south to Mozambique. It is found in the grassy understorey of wooded savanna where it forages for insect larvae, spiders and beetles.

It is a member of the Cisticola family along with Prinias and Apalises and shares with them the long graduated tail and their habit of foraging in pairs or small family parties in grassy and bushy habitats.

According to the HBW and Birdlife International checklist it was previously placed in the genus Heliolais but was transferred to Prinia on the basis of molecular evidence.

In breeding plumage it has a grey head and upperparts, rufous wings, a white throat and buffy underparts. In non-breeding plumage the upperparts are rufous and the bill is more horn coloured.

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