Village Indigobird Vidua chalybeata
Village Indigobird, Melka Gebdu Track, Ethiopia, January 2016 - click for larger image

January 2016

The Village Indigobird is distributed in Africa in a broad band from west to east south of the Sahara and then south down the eastern side of Africa to South Africa. It is found in a variety of semi-arid habitats such as thornbush scrub and near cultivation but generally close to water.

Village Indigobird, Lake Chelekcheka, Ethiopia, January 2016 - click for larger image There are two sub-species in Ethiopia. These photos are of the sub-species V. c. ultramarina. The other sub-species, V.c. amauropteryx is distinguished by the male having a red bill. Photo 1 shows a male while photo 2 shows a female - very hard to tell apart from most other female indigobirds.

It is a brood parasite and often parasitises the Red-billed Firefinch.

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