Chattering Yellowbill Ceuthmochares aereus
Yellowbill, Kakum, Ghana, May 2011 - click for larger image

May 2011

The Chattering Yellowbill is distributed from Senegal in West Africa to Uganda and south through the Congo Basin. The Whistling Yellowbill C. australis found along the east of Africa from Ethiopia to South Africa is treated by some authorities as a sub-species of C. aereus. See the distribution map at Birdlife International.

Yellowbill, Auntutu Forest, Ghana, May 2011 - click for larger image It is found in dense tangles in forest and can be difficult to see skulking in the vegetation.

A non-parasitic cuckoo, it is slate-grey with a conspicuous yellow bill, a reddish eye, a yellowish eye-ring and a long, graduated tail.

The call is a series of kuk notes starting off slowly and then speeding up.

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