Oriental Turtle-dove Streptopelia orientalis

Oriental Turtle Dove, Punakha, Bhutan, March 2008 - click for larger image

March 2008

The Oriental Turtle-dove is distributed throughout a good part of Asia with the birds from Siberia, and northern Japan migrating to southern Asia during the winter while southern breeding populations are mainly resident all year.

Oriental Turtle Dove, Drugyel Dzong, Paro, Bhutan, March 2008 - click for larger image

It is found in a wide variety of habitats where it feeds on rice, cereals and seeds.

In appearance it is very similar to European Turtle-dove S. turtur but has a darker look since the blackish centres of the wing coverts are more extensive. It is also noticeably larger.

There are recordings on xeno-canto and additional information is available via Avibase .

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