Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea
Grey Wagtail, Safa Park, Dubai, November 2010 - click for larger image

Safa Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Grey Wagtail is found in western, central and southern Europe as well as most of Asia. It spread into north west Europe during the last century.

It is fonder of water than other wagtails and is often associated with fast running streams.

It has an exceptionally long tail which it pumps up and down ceaselessly. The male has a black bib, a white supercilium and moustachial stripe and yellow underparts. The grey upperparts contrast with the dark wings. The female, shown here, has a pale belly and throat but always retains a yellow vent.

The voice is similar to the "chissik" of the White Wagtail M. alba but is higher in pitch and more metallic in tone.

There is more information available via Avibase and some more photos on my European page.

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