Yellow-browed Sparrow (Ammodramus aurifrons)
Yellow-browed Sparrow, Manaus, Brazil, July 2001 - click for larger image Manaus, Brazil
July 2001

The Yellow-browed Sparrow has a conspicuous but varying amount of yellow on the face which might cover the lores, supercilium, eye-ring and cheeks.

It is found along the Amazon and into eastern Peru, Ecuador and Colombia as well as south Venezuela.

Unlike the similar Grassland Sparrow (Ammodramus humeralis) it is normally easily seen in the open where it favours grassy areas in towns, on roadsides and at riversides. It sings all day and its high buzzing song can be mistaken for that of an insect.

There are illustrations in Hilty & Tudor, Plate 56; and Ridgely & Greenfield, Plate 93.

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