Dunnock Prunella modularis
(aka Hedge Accentor, Hedge Sparrow)
Dunnock, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2005 - click for larger image Edinburgh, Scotland and Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England

The Dunnock is a European bird. It is resident in north-west Europe from Germany, through France to northern Spain and including the British Isles but is migratory in most of the rest of Europe breeding in Scandinavia, eastern Europe and Russia while wintering in southern Europe and into Turkey. See the distribution map at Birdlife International.

Dunnock, Edinburgh, Scotland, April 2005 - click for larger image Originally a scrub and woodland edge bird it has adapted, particularly in Britain to hedges, farms, parks, gardens and other shrubby areas.

It feeds mainly on insects found primarily on the ground but also eats seeds in winter.

Dunnock, Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2005 - click for larger image Its colouring is rather like a House Sparrow Passer domesticus but its bill is thin and pointed though it has a wide, rounded base.

It is generally difficult to see as it keeps in or close to cover but, when courting in the spring, can become very visible.

Dunnock, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England, May 2008 - click for larger image
Dunnock, Kingussie, Scotland, June 2012 - click for larger image
Dunnock, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England, April 2015 - click for larger image
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