Wilson's Phalarope Steganopus tricolor
(aka Phalaropus tricolor)

Chilean name: Pollito de mar tricolor

Wilson's Phalarope, Lago Villarica, Chile, November 2005 - click for larger image Lago Villarica, Chile
November 2005

This distant photo taken on a rainy day is merely a record shot of one of the six Wilson's Phalarope seen on Lago Villarica. The nearby coot gives the scale of the delicate bird in its non-breeding plumage.

Wilson's Phalarope breeds on wetlands on the prairies of North America and migrate to west and south South America around October returning north in March. It is the only one of the 3 phalaropes that winters inland. The American populations of both Red-necked Phalarope P. lobatus and Red Phalarope P. fulicaria winter off the Pacific coast of South America.

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