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Araripe Manakin, Chapada do Araripe, Ceará, Brazil, October 2008 - click to access this species' page This is a collection of, mainly, bird photographs although there are some other animals included. Most of these photos are from South America, Europe, Australia Africa and Bhutan. I have attached some notes on each bird wherever possible.


16th January 2019:
Some more falcons today are: Lesser Kestrel, Madagascar Kestrel, Banded Kestrel, Sooty Falcon, Lanner Falcon and Peregrine Falcon while there are new photos of Common Kestrel.

9th January 2019:
New species today are: White-bellied Bustard, Northern White-crowned Shrike and Tawny-fronted Pygmy-tyrant while there are new photos for Broad-billed Roller.

2nd January 2019:
New species today are: Red-cowled Widowbird and African Silverbill while there are new photos for Purple-throated Euphonia and Thick-billed Euphonia.

1st January 2019:
New species today are: Brown Lemur, Red-fronted Brown Lemur, Red-bellied Lemur and Mongoose Lemur.

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Last updated on 16th January 2019.

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